Magnetic Stirrers
Magnetic Stirrers
  • Without heating function
  • With heating function

Magnetic Stirrers without heating function

Magnetic stirrers are among the basic laboratory devices. Depending on their application, they are used with or without heating function.


All Heidolph magnetic stirrers are designed to mix low viscosity media gently but optimally. In some cases, they are used as stirrers under small bioreactors or fermentation reactors. The stirring intensity of the devices is designed very precisely. To achieve the desired mixing result, you can also choose from a wide range of accessories, such as suitable magnetic stirring bars.

Magnetic Stirrers with heating function

In addition to the gentle stirring function, the heating function of our heated stirrers can be activated separately. The Hei-PLATE series can also be used for applications for which a concentrated solution is produced. Some nutrients, such as poorly soluble salts, require heat input to dissolve. With 800 W heating power (for 230 V models) and the special Kera-Disk® heating plate made of anodized aluminium, you can reach the desired temperature in the shortest time. Furthermore, the temperature reached remains constant without overshoot. This is especially important when you need to work gently and precisely.