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You can't be an expert in everything - as in science, this also applies to the world of laboratory equipment. We are aware of this, but we also want to offer you the optimal solution for your needs. Therefore, we have found innovative partners whose core competencies perfectly complement our own. This combination of experts from a wide range of fields enables us to offer you a complete mapping of your processes and pioneering technologies at first hand. We form a strong team that helps you implement even the most complex research and development projects.

We relieve you from the tedious search for matching components and provide you with integrated solutions that work reliably, safely and reproducibly. Simultaneously, we and our partners are already developing the technologies of tomorrow – to ensure you can continue to conduct research easily in the future. In other words: Research made easy.


Our partners





Founded in 2014, OSPIN GmbH is a Berlin-based company specializing in bioprocess automation. The start-up offers customized automation solutions: from biological processes and bioreactors for research and development, to fully integrated solutions for industrial-scale production systems. Thus, OSPIN realizes state-of-the-art applications in personalized medicine and cell therapy. The backbone for bioprocess automation is a flexible, cloud-based control system that can be easily scaled and adapted to a wide range of different solutions. The OSPIN platform enables the creation and control of processes using a recipe-based automation approach and facilitates remote control and monitoring of processes via browser – from anywhere and at any time.


 "In the cooperation with Heidolph, we combine the laboratory equipment of our new partner with the advantages of modern cloud technology and thus jointly open the door to a world of networked laboratory processes."

Dr. Jan Saam

OSPIN Website

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The S-biosystems GmbH is a company based in Siegen, Germany. It was founded based on the motivation to support the change in the fields of life science and health care with innovative products – away from chemical-based medicine towards cell therapy. With its newly developed system platform of miniaturized, intelligent incubators, S-biosystems is making an initial, significant contribution along this path. The ability to ensure an absolutely sterile environment for cell cultures while working in a completely flexible, digital and networked system represents a contemporary tool for researchers in the fields of cell biology and medicine.

The overarching goal of S-biosystems is to enable the laboratory of the future already today. Therefore, the team combines competencies from various key technologies and develops products that incorporate this combination of biotechnology and information technology approaches.


"We are convinced that our products will become an integral part of research and clinical applications and we are looking forward to jointly creating the laboratory environment of tomorrow with Heidolph."

Dr. Christoph Zander
Founder, S-biosystems GmbH


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Kugelmeiers Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. The company originated from the University Hospital of Zurich's human islet cell transplantation clinical program for the treatment of diabetes. The core business is the integration of novel insights of biological realities of cells into products that are optimally suited for 3D cell culture and cell transplantation. The company's expertise in cell transplantation, 3D cell culture and stem cell biology serves an increasingly exponentially growing market.  

In order to drive the development of promising future cell therapies, Kugelmeiers Ltd. cooperates with leading scientists, institutes, laboratories and industry partners worldwide.


"We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with Heidolph Instruments in the future. In addition to a distribution partnership for our Sphericalplate 5D, Heidolph and we are also focusing our core competencies on joint product developments for 3D cell culture applications in the service of research, diagnostics and therapy."

Sandra H. Kugelmeier-Heller
CEO, Kugelmeiers Ltd.


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Tuttnauer is a manufacturer of autoclave sterilizers and plasma sterilizers and a supplier of washer-disinfectors and other productions for infection control in the health and life sciences industry. Tuttnauer has been an industry for over 90 years and meets its customers’ expectations with quality, high-performance products and a committed service support team. Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products are used in over 350,000 installations worldwide, trusted by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical production and research institutes.


"Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance is Tuttnauer's market advantage in advanced laboratory sterilization equipment. These are the values we recognize when collaborating with our distribution partners.  Our cooperation with Heidolph coupled with our joint leadership in laboratory expertise will deliver true excellence and solutions to our common customers."

Nir Kinory
CEO, Tuttnaer


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