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Heidolph Shakers and Mixers

Suspending in a flash, homogeneously emulsifying, gently mixing or incubated shaking: We offer the right solution for any requirement. The Hei-MIX series offers numerous options with different types of movement, loading capacities and versatile accessories for shaking and mixing.


Heidolph's unique modular incubator system for all 1000-series models of the platform shakers.
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Hei-PLATE Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are among the basic laboratory devices. Depending on their application, they are used with or without heating function.

Hei-FLOW Peristaltic Pumps

Stable process conditions are the prerequisite for successful results in the cultivation of organisms in reactor systems. Especially in chemostat operation, a stable pump ensuring reliable substrate dosing is of particular importance. The gentle promotion of cell cultures is another important factor in these processes.


Why work with a peristaltic pump?
The advantages of the technology are numerous and versatile.
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Read application stories on the topic of biochemistry, shaking, mixing, tempering and dispensing.
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