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Magnetic Stirrer

Have you ever heard of hotplates with fast heat-up times and chemical resistance?

Heidolph magnetic stirrers are traditionally among the daily lab helpers. Whether in research laboratories in major industries or at universities - everywhere, titration, synthesis or extraction is carried out with the need for the highest precision. Many users count on Heidolph's reliable and durable quality: Made in Germany.

Whether with or without a heating function, all of our magnetic stirrers have one thing in common: a gentle yet powerful stirring function that makes it possible to mix up to 20 liters of low-viscosity media.

In particular, the magnetic stirrer models with heating function impress with a sealed, refractory aluminium die-cast housing and a unique Kera-Disk® plate that combines the advantages of aluminium and ceramic. Each model also has its specific functionalities for your individual needs: from the analogue magnetic stirrer (Mix'n'Heat Core model) to the sophisticated model with timer function and various interfaces (Hei-Connect model), you will quickly find the Heidolph magnetic stirrer that suits you.

In addition, we offer you a range of necessary accessories as a system solution for pure stirring tasks (magnetic stirring bars), for precise temperature control (temperature sensor Pt1000), for replacing oil baths (Heat-On), for parallel reactions (StarFish) or for revolutionizing Reflux Reactions (Findenser™). Everything from a single source for an efficient way of working!


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Application Support



Model for comprehensive process documentation and reproducible results

Hei-Mix S

For gentle stirring in biology and microbiology applications - without heating function

Hei-PLATE Mix 20 l

For all stirring tasks without heating

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core

Simply stir and heat

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+

For high demands with temperature sensor

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Ultimate

Precision and networking opportunities

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Expert

Well-designed features for a carefree working

Magnetic Stirrers - Packages

Reflux Package Connect

Reflux Package Connect Mini

Hei-PLATE Reflux Package Core+ Mini

Hei-PLATE Reflux Package Core+

Hei-PLATE Reflux Package Expert

Hei-PLATE Reflux Package Expert Mini

Hei-PLATE Sensor Advanced Package Core

Hei-PLATE Sensor Advanced Package Core+

Hei-PLATE Sensor Basic Package Core+

Hei-PLATE Sensor Advanced Package Expert

Hei-PLATE Sensor Advanced Paket Ultimate

Hei-PLATE Sensor Basic Package Expert

Hei-PLATE Sensor Basic Package Ultimate

Magnetic Stirrers - AddOns

Heat-On Attachments

StarFish Workstation

Findenser ™

High performance condenser

Magnetic Stirrers - Accessories

1-l Heating bath


1-l Heating bath for oil

Max. temperature 250 °C

2-l Heating bath


2-l Heating bath for oil

Max. temperature 250 °C

4-l Heating bath


4-l Heating bath for oil

Max. temperature 250 °C

Concave block adaptor

Pt1000 clamping system

Pt1000 clamping system for bath attachments from 3 to 5 liter (Hei-Connect)

Temperature sensor Pt1000 – (glass-coated)

Pt1000 temperature sensor – stainless steel (V4A)

RS 232 cable (9-pole)

Silicone protective cover


Stirring bars - cross shape (16.5 mm)

Stirring bars - cylindrical shape

Stirring bars - oval shape (15x6 mm)

Stirring bars - oval shape (25x10 mm)

Stirring bars - oval shape (30x10 mm)

Stirring bars Evaluation Kit

Heating bath liquid

Up to 220 °C

Heating bath liquid

Up to 170 °C

Silicone protective cover

Hei-PLATE Mix 20 l

Silicone protective cover

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat

Pt1000 clamping system for bath attachments from 3 to 5 liter (Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat)

Electronic contact thermometer - EKT Hei-Con G (glass-coated)

Electronic contact thermometer - EKT Hei-Con (V4A)

Adapter plate 135 mm

USB B cable

Double sensor Pt1000 (V4A)

Glass coat for temperature sensor

Support rod 500 mm Ø13

Downloads & Video


Hei-PLATE at a glance Download
NRTL-Certificate-Magnetic-stirrer.pdf Download
Hei-PLATE-Certificate-for-continuous-operation.pdf Download
CE-Magnetruehrer-Magnetic-stirrer.pdf Download
GENTLE POWERHOUSES – Laboratory and Magnetic Stirrers Download
Safety Guide Magnetrührer.pdf Download



Yes – the Hei-PLATE Mix ’n’ Heat Core can be upgraded with any existing EKT Hei-Con external temperature sensor from Heidolph.

Yes, the magnetic stirrers Hei-Mix S and Hei-PLATE Mix 20 l has no heating function.

For larger quantities we recommend alternatively the magnetic stirrer Hei-PLATE Mix 20 l.