VISCO JET® - 80 mm (POM)


VISCO JET® - 80 mm (POM)

P/N: 509-16081-00

The all-rounder for thick and thin

  • Reduce your process times significantly while performing the best mixing results ever
  • One system for literally all mixing tasks for low to high-viscosity media
  • The turbulent flow which is created by a special cone principle even at low speeds is unique to the VISCO JET®
  • Even with high-viscosity media and gels which naturally do not mix when common impellers are used you will observe an immediate flow through the entire beaker
  • This technology allows for de-gassing of gels while preventing air intake and foaming
  • A stirrer shaft is included as standard.


Application examples

The only impeller world wide capable of completely mixing larger quantities of high-viscosity liquids and gels

Fields of use:
Beverage production, dairy products, food, sugar & candy production, chemistry/petro chemistry, ceramics, water treatment, cosmetics, colorant/paint production and paper manufacture, etc.


Principle of functionality

The VISCO JET® Mixing System from VISCO JET Rührsysteme GmbH is the result of the so-called cone principle.
Turbulent flows are created at the taper end by acceleration, displacement and retardation. These flows advance through the stirred medium and result in the new dynamic mixing motion

VISCO JET® - 80 mm (POM) - Technical Data

Blade size80 mm
For vessel diameter115 - 200 mm
Length ۵۰۰ mm
Materialimpeller: plastic (POM) hub: brass shaft: polyamide-coated
Rotation speed range200 - 700 rpm
Shaft diameter۱۰ mm