Research made easy

Research made easy - at Heidolph Instruments, this is not just a marketing slogan, but also the core of our daily work. A few years ago, we even made research made easy our corporate mission. Deeply rooted in the company's strategy, we find this claim as well again, as in all measures related to our products and even in the production and selection of suppliers.

What does research made easy mean for you, our customers?

With a product from Heidolph Instruments, you can be sure you get not only a reliable premium device, but also a service that makes the difference. So you can spend more time on your projects and research, we have made it our mission to take care of everything else:

  • Best advice and know-how - solution-oriented and sustainable
  • Best quality and lasting cost reduction
  • Best service and support - guaranteed and certified
  • Best performance and highest security



Our Benefits- Transparent and solution-oriented

Application Support

You are not sure if our devices can meet your requirements or which configuration is suitable for your application? Then request a free application consultation.

 The experts at Heidolph Instruments know the requirements of the customers from their own experience. The application-engineering department does not only rely on many years of experience, but also on many successful projects with the most diverse requirements, countries and industry sectors.

We check your application request in detail and carry out feasibility studies as well as initial application tests in our laboratory.  On request, you can also attend the application tests. If necessary, we analyze your sample in cooperation with competent partners. For mor compley applications we offer solutions, too.

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Product Demonstration
You would like to know whether our devices and solutions can be integrated into your existing processes? Then simply request a demo of the desired device.
To give you a sense of quality and efficiency, combined with intuitive operation and the highest safety standards, it is best to experience our premium devices yourself. We offer all customers and interested parties the possibility of ordering a sample to their laboratory. During this time you can test all our products for your application requirements.

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Advisor and configurator tools

Do you want to get a quick and intuitive online advice, based on your requirements and configure a solution-oriented setup yourself? Then use our smart online tools to get a first impression of our devices, their multiple variants and their possibilities.

 The Heidolph Instruments Advisor Tool is for everyone who has not had any experience with our products and solutions yet. This tool is based on your individual system requirements and proposes the appropriate systems and devices.

The configurator serves of suitable and optimized systems, based on a specific device category. You already know that you need a rotary evaporator for example. Then configure the best combination of devices, add-ons and suitable peripherals with the configurator tool.


Noncommittal quote

Have you already decided on a specific product or device. Then get a non-binding offer from our customer service.

Our specialist staff at Heidolph Instruments assumes your request and gives you corresponding feedback within 24 hours. Once all the required details have been discussed, you will receive an individual and non-binding offer that exactly meets your needs. Our experts are always in contact with our technicians and service staff in order to provide you a comprehensive and future-oriented offer.

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Our Quality Assurance - Guaranteed and certified

3-year warranty

You get 3 years of unlimited manufacturer's warranty on all our devices and products - without exception and without compromise.

 Our warranty covers all faults on Heidolph Instruments equipment that are not caused by improper use. Guarantee processing is carried out without any ifs and buts and you will receive a free loaner within 48 hours if necessary. If a repair is not possible, you will of course receive a free replacement device.

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance is one of the most important departments in our company. Every single device undergoes comprehensive quality testing before leaving the warehouse for the customer or dealer.

 We are aware of the daily requirements of your work and we know from our own experience that reliable materials and tools have a significant say in the success of a project. Devices from Heidolph Instruments are developed for long-lasting robustness and precision and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

ISO Certitficate 9001:2015


Calibration Certificates

If required, the Heidolph Instruments experts will provide individual calibration certificates for your Heidolph equipment and installations.

When creating the calibration certificates, the set points and actual values of your equipment and system are checked. In the process, factors such as temperature, pressure or vacuum and speed can be checked with calibrated measuring instruments. Our trained staff will issue certificates for all required parts of the calibration process for you.

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Long lifetime

Our efforts in sustainable product development and precise manufacturing not only result in the outstanding performance of our premium laboratory equipment, but also in their robustness and longevity. A device from Heidolph Instruments has an average lifespan of over 10 years.


Our Service - Personal, competent, on site

Installation and briefing

All customers of Heidolph Instruments will receive a on-site installation and commissioning of the systems if required. Subsequently, a comprehensive briefing by our experienced technical staff. Thus, our customers are productive from day one and can devote themselves immediately to their work and research.

Our Service Team

Our competent service team will convince you with repairs within 4 working days, worldwide on-site repairs at our customers (if required), service seminars for partners and dealers and much more.

If you have any technical questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Service Department

Tel./Fax: (+98-21) 88078523-88363455(104)(106)

Repairs on site

For particularly sensitive systems or high costs for dismantling and transport, our service technicians or partners will come to you and do on-site repairs. This worldwide service guarantees fast reaction times to unforeseen complications and is of the same quality as repairs in our service center.

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International External Sales

Whether in Germany, Europe or in South-East Asia - the next Heidolph specialist is never far away. We have a worldwide network of employees, partners and dealers who are trained on a regular basis. Thus, you can expect the same quality and commitment from our partners as from our national service. We all work unbureaucratically , fast and solution-oriented.

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Our Know-how - Maximum performance for best results

Service seminars

You want to understand your Heidolph Premium devices even better in order to achieve the maximum performance with your setup? Our experts prepare individual seminars for you - in German or English.

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Documentations and certificates

We support you in all activities, including your documentation and chemical tests. The spectrum ranges from IQ-OQ to calibration certificates, to chemical tests for residual moisture, viscosity, etc.

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Our Support - Fast Help, without compromise


All applicable repairs will be processed within 4 working days. You can always get a free quotation in advance.


We provide free loaner equipment to all customers for the time of repair so that your research does not need to be interrupted any longer.


If an on-site repair is not possible or desired, we can take over the organization of the return for you. We order the logistics company and let you have empty packaging for transport if necessary.


Upon request, we dispose of your old devices and introduce them into the recycling cycle.


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Downloads - Digital and always up to date