Hei-TORQUE Precision 100

Overhead Stirrers

Hei-TORQUE Precision 100

P/N: 501-61020-00

High-end model

The professional stirrer for demanding tasks: several options for individual settings as ramps and interval operation. USB and RS 232 interfaces allow for documentation and reproducibility, e.g. with the free Hei-Control software (for up to four devices)

These stirrers are ideal for demanding tasks which have to be reproducible and documentable. The huge number of additional features and operation modes allow for perfect adjustment to your individual application

Accurate torque indication shows any viscosity changes
Constant speed even under changing loads

Digital 3.2” display for ease of operation:
• Allows for preprogrammed profiles
• Saves these profiles in memory
• Interval operation
• Watch rpm and torque graph life
• Timer / Countdown / Real time settings

All performance-related parameters can be set individually:
• Intensity of the start operation - from slow to fast
• The rotational speed can be limited to avoid splashing media
• The torque limit prevents damage to the impeller, e.g. when using fragile impellers in high viscous media

Newest motor generation provides maximum power at minimum noise level
Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring

Including free Hei-Control software for dependable automation of all processes. Control up to four devices simultaneously. Also compatible with magnetic stirrers MR Hei-Connect and MR Hei-End of the Hei-PLATE series

Range of Performance

100 Ncm

Performance graph of
Hei-TORQUE Precision 100







Hei-TORQUE Precision 100 - Teknik veri

Vitesin numarası1
Rotasyon hız derecesi10 – 2,000 rpm
Rotasyon hız göstergesidigital
color 3.2"
Hız kontrolelectronic
Tork, maksimum100 Ncm
Tork göstergesiprecise value
Aşırı ısınma korumasıautomatic cut-out
Maks. Viskozite60.000 mPa s
Maks. karıştırma kağasitesi (H2O)50 l
Boyunca- şaft dizayn
Şaft çapı , maks.10,5 mm
Sayaç/ Zamanlayıcı
Analog/ dijital arayüzUSB and RS 232
Güç derecelendirme motor girişi90 W
Koruma sınıfı DIN EN 60529IP 54

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