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Shakers & Mixers
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Many small sub-steps contribute to the successful completion of analyses or experiments. The first milestone is a successful sample preparation, whether it is the preparation of important buffers for complex media, the dissolution of a cell pellet in a fresh medium, or the disruption of cells.


Two classic vortexers as well as a multi vortexer with a test tube tray for up to 26 samples are available for you. Work processes become more comfortable and functional, leaving you more time for your more essential tasks.

Platform shaker - vibrating

A reliable and powerful shaker is a decisive factor in the achievement of meaningful analysis results. This is especially true when working with a large number of samples, such as in high-throughput screening (HTS).


All circular vibrating shakers from the following range are specially designed for the use of multi-well plates. The recess in the surface provides a secure hold during the shaking process and allows easy removal of the plates.

Platform shaker - rocking

Continuous motion is the basic requirement for numerous applications in biochemistry. For optimum dyeing results of SDS or agarose gels, the appropriate dye distribution can be of decisive importance for the successful completion of these processes.


We offer the Duomax 1030 with two tilt angles: 5° and 10°. This allows you, the user, to decide whether the application requires gentle or stronger movement patterns.

Platform shaker - wave

The anti-slip mat of the platform wave shaker ensures a firm hold for all sample vessels. The 3D mode of motion guarantees the gentle washing of all materials. For example, loose antibodies are removed from membranes, or gel membranes from SDS gel electrophoresis are dyed.

Platform shaker - orbital

The appropriate supply of nutrients and the uniform distribution of gases in the medium are essential for efficient cell culture growth. Orbital platform shakers that keep the cell culture in constant motion at a defined speed provide a solution for this demanding task.


The shakers offered here are available in three different sizes, and they have been developed in such a way that they can be extended with various accessories. This makes it possible to run a whole range of applications with high efficiency.

Overhead shaker

Compact overhead shakers are becoming increasingly popular and are an integral part of numerous applications in biochemistry. Especially in clinical chemistry and for the preparation of chromatographic analyses, thorough mixing of the samples is an important component for precise analytical results.

Incubator 1000

The capability to control the temperature in cell culture applications is an important part of many biochemical processes. Particularly in combination with an orbital motion, favorable conditions can be created for the selected organism.
All Heidolph 1000 series shakers can be quickly converted into a shaker-incubator. The complete system consists of a shaker, heating module, and incubation hood. You can choose between three incubation hoods according to the application and its requirements.


The heating module guarantees an even heat distribution within the incubation hood due to the integrated air circulation fan. Many eukaryotic cells require longer incubation times; therefore, Heidolph devices are designed for unattended and continuous use.