S-biosystems Incubation System

Smart cell cultivation

Functional principle

Modular, individually configurable incubation system

For incubating multiple cell cultures simultaneously with different parameters

The S-biosystems incubation system is a modular, individually configurable solution based on a building block principle. The setup of several, gas-tight mini-incubators (S-box) in a docking station (S-rack) offers the possibility to incubate multiple cell cultures simultaneously with different parameters (temperature, CO2 concentration, ...).



The S-box: The transportable miniature incubator

Each S-box is a stand-alone miniature incubator. Two standard well plates or one cell culture flask can be placed inside the S-box. The whole interior (Innerbox) can be purchased in sterile packaging for single use. Your culture is prevented from drying out by a sachet of sterilized water (Waterbag), which is enough for two weeks. To avoid mix-up, the front cover of the S-box is available in different colors.

During operation, several sensors in the S-box ensure constant monitoring of your set parameters, thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery and internal memory, for up to two hours. During this period, the hermetic construction also ensures the stability of your selected conditions. Thus, you get a transportable system with the size of a lunch box.


The S-rack: The compact docking station

Four S-boxes can be inserted into the S-rack docking station. It comes with a gas connection to supply your cells with CO2 and can be integrated into a laminar flow cabinet due to its compact design. This allows short distances between incubator and workstation. With the optional interconnection of any number of S-racks, the incubation system is individually scalable and grows with your requirements as needed.


The S-ware: The browser control center

The incubation system is conveniently controlled and monitored via a web app (S-ware), which you can access via any common web browser. The intuitive user interface facilitates the individual setting, monitoring and recording of parameters for each mini-incubator. You remain completely flexible: from any place, at any time. The ability to assign multiple users helps you keeping track of which cell culture was processed by whom. The S-ware is FDA-compliant and continuously logs all states and user entries. In the case of unexpected events you will be informed by the email notification system and are able to react immediately if necessary.






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