StarFish Workstations

StarFish Workstations

Have you always been looking for a system to perform numerous reactions on a small footprint to significantly reduce space and process times?

With our attachments you can turn your magnetic stirrer into an efficiency-increasing reaction station for up to 45 samples simultaneously

  • Upgrade your magnetic stirrer to a product with multiple capabilities
  • From simple heating and mixing tasks to chemical reactions under inert gas, concentrations or extractions - everyhing is possible
  • No special glassware purchase required - use your own glassware and cherry-pick the appropriate attachments for your applications
  • StarFish workstations are ideal for soxhlet applications

StarFish Workstations - Models

StarFish base plate (145 mm)

StarFish base plate handles (pair)

MonoBlock for 5 x 250-ml flasks

150-ml Flask insert

100-ml Flask insert

50-ml Flask insert

25-ml Flask insert

10-ml Flask insert

5-ml Flask insert

MonoBlock for 16 x 25-mm tubes

MonoBlock for 16 x 24-mm tubes

MonoBlock for 40 x 16-mm tubes


MonoBlock for 16 x 28-mm vials

MonoBlock for 20 x 21-mm vials

MonoBlock for 40 x 17-mm vials

MonoBlock for 40 x 15-mm vials

MonoBlock for 40 x 12-mm vials

PolyBlock for 1 x 250-ml flask

PolyBlock for 3 x 25-mm tubes

PolyBlock for 3 x 24-mm tubes

PolyBlock for 9 x 16-mm tubes

PolyBlock for 9 x 12-mm tubes

PolyBlock for 3 x 28-mm vials

PolyBlock for 3 x 21-mm vials

PolyBlock for 7 x 17-mm vials

PolyBlock for 9 x 15-mm vials

PolyBlock for 9 x 12-mm vials

StarFish Workstations - Accessories

5-way clamp (Velcro)

5-way clamp (Silicone strap and handle)

Replacement Self Adhesive Velcro Pads, 200 mm (pack of 10)

For 5-way clamp (velcro)

Replacement Velcro Loop Strips, 200 mm (pack of 5)

Replacement Silicone Straps, 200 mm (pack of 5)

For 5-way clamp

650 mm Support rod

650 mm Support split rod