Heat-On Attachments

Heat-On Attachments

Replace oil baths and heating mantles in your lab and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Minimize the messy oil clear-ups that result from changing oil or removing flasks from an oil bath!

  • Our attachments are by far the safest, fastest and most efficient method for heating and mixing solutions in round-bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 liter.
  • Heat-On fits precisely to every flask, thus ensuring maximum surface contact and fast heat transfer. Eliminates the mess from cleaning flasks after removal from an oil bath or hazardous spills when an oil bath slips off a stirring plate. As a result, oil as a heat transfer media is made redundant and your lab is a safer place with the Heat-On block system. 

Heat-On Attachments

Heat-On 100-ml block

with flask sidearm cutouts

Heat-On 250-ml block

Heat-On 250-ml block

with flask sidearm cutouts

Heat-On 500-ml block

Heat-On 1-l block

Heat-On 2-l block

Heat-On 3-l block

Heat-On 4-l block

Heat-On 5-l block

Heat-On Multi-Well holder

Heat-On Multi-Well
10-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well
25-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well
50-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well
100-ml insert

Heat-On Multi-Well
150-ml insert

Package Heat-On Multi-Well Basic

Package Heat-On Multi-Well

Hei-PLATE Gold 1 Package

Hei-PLATE Gold 2 Package

Reflux Package Connect

Reflux Package Connect Mini

Reflux Package Tec

Reflux Package Tec Mini

Heat-On Attachments - Accessories

Retort clamp

Boss head

Flask Stand & Clamp Kit

Pt 1000 clamping system for bath attachments from 3 to 5 liter

For Heat-On 200-300-ml block

For Heat-On 1-l block

For Heat-On Multi-Well holder



Operation-Manual-Magnetic-Stirrer-Heat-ON.pdf Download