Smart cell cultivation

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Smart cell cultivation

The next generation of cell cultivation: Increased reproducibility and efficiency thanks to the most innovative technologies in the field of incubation and culture plates.

Reproducibility. Sterility. Efficiency.

Cell cultures are often the foundation for biotechnological and clinical research. With the expansion of our product portfolio to include two pioneering technologies in the field of cell cultivation, we are paving new paths within Life Science Solutions: from contamination-free and sterile cell cultivation as a modular concept, to absolute reproducibility in the culture of spheroids, to the combination of both systems to create a unique solution in the field of 3D cell cultivation.


S-biosystems incubation system:

  • Reproducible work: Sterile, contamination- and disturbance-free incubation due to separate boxes with individually adjustable parameters (temperature, CO2 concentration, ...)  
  • Flexible and transportable: Modular, compact system, holds parameters autonomously for up to two hours  
  • Everything at a glance: Control, monitoring and data logging possible via network integration


Kugelmeiers cell culture plates – Sphericalplate 5D (SP5D):

  • Consistent starting conditions for 3D cell culture methods: Up to 9,000 uniform, standardized, size controlled spheroids in one small platform  
  • Ready to start: No pretreatment of the plate and no centrifugation after cell seeding necessary thanks to specially designed, patented geometry and coating  
  • No limitations: Applicable to a wide range of cell lines, also suitable for co-culture systems


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Kugelmeiers cell culture plates – Sphericalplate 5D (SP5D)

Grow uniform, standardized spheroids

S-biosystems Incubation System

Contamination-free and efficient incubation

Smart cell cultivation - Packages

Starter Kit

To use with your own computer or as extension of a Starter Kit Plus package

Starter Kit Plus

Stand-Alone complete system with all necessary consumables.

S-box Package 1

To complete an existing incubation system.

S-box Package 2

To complete an existing incubation system.