Gas/Vacuum Manifold (with connector)

Gas/Vacuum-Distribution Manifold

Gas/Vacuum Manifold (with connector)

P/N: 505-81040-00

Allows gas or vacuum from a single source to be evenly distributed to up to five positions or vessels (does not control or regulate gas/vacuum flow).

Connectors feature leak-proof shut-off valves.

Gas/Vacuum Manifold (with connector) - Accessories

5-way clamp (Velcro)

5-way clamp (Silicone strap and handle)

Replacement Self Adhesive Velcro Pads, 200 mm (pack of 10)

For 5-way clamp (velcro)

Replacement Velcro Loop Strips, 200 mm (pack of 5)

Replacement Silicone Straps, 200 mm (pack of 5)

For 5-way clamp

650 mm Support rod

650 mm Support split rod



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