Extension tubing for Cassette small

Extension Tubing for Cassette small

Extension tubing for Cassette small

Extension tube for Cassette small

  • Application: Platinum-coated silicone hose for use in pharmaceuticals and biology
  • Features:
    • Extremely smooth interior prevents bacterial growth
    • Biocompatible, minimal adsorption and absorption
    • Best flow properties, high temperature stability
    • Absolutely inert, softener-free
  • Material: Polydimethylsiloxane with siliceous earth and silicone additives; translucent white; excellent resistance to initial pressure
  • Complies with the standards: USP Class VI meets GLP and NSF
  • Temperature range: -80 to +200 °C
  • Sterilization: Can be autoclaved for 30 min at 1 bar or sterilized by irradiation
  • Restriction: Not suitable for concentrated solvents, oils, acids or dilute caustic soda; relatively high permeability to gas


Used with:

Acids: conditional
Lyes: conditional
Solvents: unsuitable
Pressure: satisfactory
Vacuum: good
Viscous media: satisfactory
Sterile media: excellent


Shortcut description

wt: Wall thickness
id: Inner diameter
od: Outer diameter


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