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Discover the various possible uses of our premium laboratory equipment with our application stories. If you have any questions about your application or task, please contact our application experts directly:

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Increased Efficiency through Automation in Solvent Recycling

Read about how efficiency can be increased through automation.


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RT-PCR Analysis: Efficient vortexing with the Multi Reax

Read about the great time savings in sample preparation for COVID-19 testing


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Working with Dry Ice – when it is really of benefit

Read about the differences compared to the configuration with the G3XL condenser and using a recirculation chiller.


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Using Heidolph shakers in Memmert climate chambers

Is it possible to operate several shakers simultaneously inside a climate chamber without damaging the samples? We have made the test.


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Recycling in the automotive industry

Learn how costs are saved in the automotive industry while at the same time improving the environmental protection by conserving resources.

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Quality assurance of bitumen in road construction

The proportion of bitumen and its composition are particularly critical for the quality and durability of asphalt. Find out how this difficult to process raw material can be analyzed.

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