Hei-VAC Control

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Hei-VAC Control

P/N: 591-00360-00

For accurate vacuum control of house vacuum systems or valve regulated vacuum pumps.

  • Affordable option for digital vacuum control
  • Easy fixation on the condenser shaft above the evaporator or as stand alone device with base next to the unit
  • Manual Vent button to prevent bumping
  • Graphs in order to display the entire vacuum process
  • RS232 interface
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Works with all Hei-VAP Evaporators which do not have an integrated vacuum control

Vacuum controller complete with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor, regulation valve and venting valve. With wall-plug power supply, ready for use, with manual.

Hei-VAC Control - Technical Data

Vacuum sensor Integrated
Upper measuring limit1080/810 mbar/torr
Measurement principleCeramic diaphragm (alumina), capacitive, gas indep., absolute pressure
Accuracy of measurement< +- 1 mbar/hPa/torr / +- 1 digit (after adjustment, constant temp.)
Ambient temperature range (operation)10 – 40 °C
Max. media temp. for continuous operation / short times40/80 °C
Material of outer housingRobust plastic housing with good chemical resistance
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 20
Protection class DIN EN 60529 - Residue pumpIP 42
Cable length of external power supply2 m
Dimensions (w/d/h)144 x 124 x 115 mm
Weight 0.44 kg