VISCO JET® - 60 mm

Stirring Tools

Patented operating principle


The VISCO JET® stirring system works on the basis of the so-called cone principle. The dynamic pressure at the displacer inlet and an accelerated flow inside the displacer generate turbulence (so-called nozzle effect). These turbulences collide during the circular movement of the stirring tool and lead to the revolutionary stirring movement. The cone pieces were built in a sophisticated angular ratio, so that they complement each other optimally in terms of flow behavior and thus an additional stirring effect is achieved.


Ideal speed ranges

The circumferential speed for the VISCO JET® stirring tool is between 0.5 and 2 m/sec. With low-viscosity media, 0.5 m/sec. is sufficient, with high-viscosity media a speed of 2 m/sec. is more likely to be required. So that you can use our VISCO JET® stirring tool in the best possible way, we will give you the speeds achieved. You can vary in these range. If the medium is highly viscous, the speed can be increased by about 10 -15%.

Blades diameter: 60 mm
Speed range at approx. 0.5 m/sec.: 200 rpm
Speed range at approx. 2 m/sec.: 800 rpm

You can also make sure of the ideal speed of your stirring tool by ensuring that there is only a minimal formation of thrombi on the surface of the medium that no air is drawn in. At a low speed, the medium can even be degassed.
Foam formation is also avoided at the speeds indicated above.

VISCO JET® - 60 mm - Technical Data

Blade size60 mm
For vessel diameter80 - 150 mm
Length 500 mm
Materialstainless steel V4A
Rotation speed range200 - 800 rpm
Shaft diameter10 mm



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