Reax 2

Shakers & Mixers

Reax 2 inlc. universal adaptor

P/N: 541-21009-00

  • Quickly clamps in 2 vessels of any size and accepts load capacities up to 1 kg
  • Speed continuously adjustable from 20 to 100 rpm
  • Universal adaptor allows for the use of various vessels of 50 - 160-mm height
  • In addition, an optional adaptor is available for the use of 20 test tubes at a time


Reax 2

P/N: 541-21001-00

The compact one for small volumes

The Reax 2 with the optional adapter for test tubes is designed for simultaneous mixing of up to 20 vessels with diameters of 10-18 mm. This corresponds to the size of classic test tubes or 15 ml Falcon tubes. Alternatively, you can insert your complete rack into the universal adapter (width: 230 mm, height min./max.: 45 mm/160 mm) of the overhead shaker.

Equipped with a solid metal frame, its design stands for extreme load capacity and reliability. Guaranteed safety during unattended continuous operation.


Reax 2 - Technical Data

Rotation speed range20 - 100 rpm
Operating Mode-
Orbit / Stroke-
Power input27 W
Platform size-
Max. Load1 kg
Overheat protectionself-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 21

Reax 2 - Accessories

Adaptor for 20 test tubes



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