Hei-VAP Value

Rotary Evaporators

Hei-VAP Value

The Hei-VAP Value rotary evaporators with hand lift are optimally suited for all standard applications.

  • The convenience of large dial controls for adjustment of rotation speed and bath temperature
  • Adjust the required angle of the evaporating flask individually according to your needs
  • Limit the height of your evaporating flask in just seconds
  • The patented flask clamp Easy-Clip allows a simple and safe removing of the evaporating flask due to the force of unscrewing the Easy-Clip
  • For your protection, the detachable operating panel is located below the bath and outside the danger zone. To conveniently run your unit from outside a fume hood, detach your panel and place it in your preferred location

Intelligent evaporation with Heidolph rotary evaporators: overheat protection design that prevents water baths running dry, provides a detachable panel for superior ease of use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a proven vacuum seal and vapor tube system guaranteed for years of operation!

Hei-VAP Value - Product Advantages

Two independent safety circuits avoid an overheat situation of your heating bath: If bath temperature overshoots by 5 °C and if your water bath runs dry, heating will be switched off automatically

To protect you from splashes and scalding, the Hei-VAP heating bath features an integrated pour spout to remove bath fluid safely

Heating bath is constructed with a double wall for your protection against burns and scalding

The guard hood covers the bath even if the heating bath is adjusted horizontally to its most extreme limit

A metal guide between the heating bath and the base unit prevents bath instability

To protect your heating bath against short-circuits and systematic corrosion, the cable coupling complies with the protection class IP 67

For your protection, the operating panel is located underneath a protective canopy so as to keep your hands out of the dangerous zone of rotating flasks, steam and splashing bath fluids

All heating baths feature non-slip handles with safety grip to protect you from scalding bath liquids and allow for easy installation/removal of the bath

A separate on/off switch for heating prevents unintentional heat-up. The button is illuminated for visual control

Glassware assemblies are optionally available with transparent plastic safety coating ensuring ultimate protection while allowing visual control at all times

IQ-OQ documentation is available for Hei-VAP models on request

The patented evaporating flask clamp Easy-Clip cannot be lost due to a connection to the vapor tube coupling ring

The integrated screwed ring allows you to remove sticking evaporating flasks from the vapor tube just in seconds in a safe manner

The universal heating bath can be adjusted horizontally up to 200 mm and offers efficient space to accommodate even 5-liter flasks

For your convenience, the height of 160 mm and the angle of the evaporating flask can be adjusted easily from 20° to 80°

The detachable operating panel enables convenient handling from outside closed fume hoods

The innovative ventilation and replenishment valves no longer have ground joints, which enables maximum tightness, grease-free operation and prevents glass breakage

All components in direct or indirect contact with the medium are equipped with FDA-compliant materials for an extended application range

Achieve up to 40 % higher evaporation rates with the xl condenser and a condensing surface of 2,200 cm²

The high resistant and durable PTFE vacuum seal achieves maximum tightness and reduces spare part budgets

The patented clamping sleeve ensures a long life performance of the vapor tube

Increase your range of applications by using 5-liter flasks in the universal bath at no additional cost

Maintenance-free and non-sparking motors reduce repairs and down times significantly to ensure years of continuous operation

The flange on the condenser side of the drive is made of PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide), a robust industrial-designed resin with superior chemical resistance which provides more chemical resistance than stainless steel or welded aluminum. This reduces corrosion to a minimum which results in additional savings on maintenance and replacement component

Hei-VAP Value - Technical Data

Rotation speed range10 - 280 rpm
Bath temperature settingscale
Temperature accuracy bath±1 °C
Heating capacity1,300 W
Overheat protection bathcut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate PT 1000
Volume heating bath4.5 l
Max. size evaporating flask5 l
Integrated vacuum controller-
Vacuum program SETpressure-
Vacuum program AUTOeasy-
Vacuum program AUTOaccurate requires AUTOaccurate sensor-
Supply Power1,400 W
Condensing surface1,400 cm²
Condensing surface XL condenser2,200 cm²

Hei-VAP - AddOns

Valve-Regulated Vacuum Pumps

Standard vacuum pumps can be controlled manually or via valve operated vacuum controllers


The Hei-CHILL models are specifically designed for reliable continuous operation in the laboratory offering cooling capacities of 250 to 1,200 W.

RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pumps

Controllable vacuum pumps for digital regulation of the vacuum via operation panel or directly at the unit

Hei-VAP Value - Accessories

Glassware set G1

Glassware set with diagonal condenser for all standard distillations

Glassware set G1B

Coated glassware set with diagonal condenser for all standard distillations

Glassware set G3

Glassware set with vertical condenser for all standard distillations

Glassware set G3B

Coated glassware set with vertical condenser for all standard distillations

Glassware set G3 XL

Glassware set with vertical condenser for maximum evaporation performance

Glassware set G3B XL

Coated glassware set with vertical condenser for maximum evaporation performance

Glassware set G5

Glassware set with dry ice condenser for low-boiling solvents

Glassware set G5B

Coated glassware set with dry ice condenser for low-boiling solvents

Glassware set G6

Glassware set with vertical condenser for reflux distillation

Glassware set G6B

Coated glassware set with vertical condenser for reflux distillation

Evaporating flask 50 ml

Evaporating flask 100 ml

Evaporating flask 250 ml

Evaporating flask 500 ml

Evaporating flask 1,000 ml

Evaporating flask 2,000 ml

Evaporating flask 3,000 ml

Evaporating flask 5,000 ml

Powder flask 500 ml

Powder flask 1,000 ml

Powder flask 2,000 ml

Receiving flask 100 ml

Coated receiving

flask 100 ml

Receiving flask 250 ml

Coated receiving

flask 250 ml

Receiving flask 500 ml

Coated receiving

flask 500 ml

Receiving flask 1,000 ml

Coated receiving

flask 1,000 ml

Receiving flask 2,000 ml

Coated receiving

flask 2,000 ml

Receiving flask 3,000 ml

Coated receiving

flask 3,000 ml

Evaporating cylinder

1,500 ml

Evaporating cylinder

500 ml

Spider with 6 distillation sleeves à 20 ml

Spider with 12 distillation sleeves à 20 ml

Spider with 20 distillation sleeves à 20 ml

Spider with 5 flasks

à 50 ml

Spider with 5 flasks

à 100 ml

Foam brake with flask clamp

Heating bath liquid

Spare clamping sleeve

Spare vapor tube

Tubing by meter

Tubing set 12 m

Vacuum seal PTFE / FFKM

For applications with highly abrasive solutions

Vacuum seal PTFE / FKM

Spare seal

Manual vacuum controller

Control your house vacuum or any other vacuum source

Hei-VAC Control

Digital vacuum control

Woulff bottle

Additional recovery of solvent to protect vacuum valve and vacuum pump

Hei-VAP Value - Packages

Hei-VAP Value - Downloads & Video

Hei-VAP Value - Downloads

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Hei-VAP-Certificate-for-continuous-operation.pdf Download
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CE-Certificate-Chiller.pdf Download
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