RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pumps


Rpm-regulated Pumps

Controllable vacuum pumps for digital regulation of the vacuum via operation panel or directly at the unit

Highest distillation rates possible and reducing process time by 30 %.

Stable distillation conditions account for solvent recovery up to 99 %.


Your advantages:

  • Speed adjustment stops completely if vacuum is reached and runs intermittently at very low speed to hold vacuum constant
  • Increased diaphragm performance life due to periods of nonoperation
  • Low energy consumption due to intermittent operation
  • Significant noise and vibration reduction due to periods of nonoperation
  • Operates without vacuum valve
  • Most precise vacuum level at all times

RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pumps - Models

Hei-VAC Vario Station

Hei-VAC Vario Tec

Hei-VAC Vario Control

RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pumps - Accessories



Operation-Manual-Rotavac-Vario-Pumping-unit_EN.pdf Download
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