Platform Shakers & Accessories


Platform Shakers & Accessories

Platform shakers with various movement types, weight capacity and accessories

With the platform shakers of the Hei-SHAKE series, you have numerous possible applications through different types of movement, load weights, and a wide range of accessories for shaking and mixing.
You will find the following movement types in our portfolio:

• Orbital shaker: The circular movement of these shakers creates ideal conditions for keeping cell and bacterial cultures in motion, for example. In conjunction with our Incubator 1000, the shakers of the 1000 series can be quickly converted into an incubation shaker.
• Vibration shaker: Due to the small orbit and the high number of revolutions at the same time, stubborn solids in media can be dissolved properly.
• Tumbling shakers: Due to this gentle movement, these shakers are often used in blotting procedures. Particularly during the staining phase, the membranes are gently rinsed and the bands are properly stained.
• Rocking shaker: The rocking motion can be used for processes that require more agitation. These include, for example, histone modification or processing steps during gene expression.
• Reciprocal shaker: The strong back-and-forth movement is mainly used in liquid-liquid extraction. Extractions that require long processing times can be carried out in conjunction with the clamps for separating funnels.

In conjunction with the right accessories, you are able to have a reliable platform shaker that meets the highest requirements and, thanks to its robust design and intuitive operation, meets the day-to-day demands in the laboratory.


Rotamax 120

Platform Shaker - Orbital

Unimax 1010

Platform Shaker - Orbital

Unimax 2010

Platform Shaker - Orbital

Duomax 1030

Platform Shaker - Rocking

Promax 1020

Platform Shaker - Reciprocating

Promax 2020

Platform Shaker - Reciprocating

Polymax 1040

Platform Shaker - Wave

Polymax 2040

Platform Shaker - Wave

Titramax 101

Platform Shaker - Vibrating

Titramax 100

Platform Shaker - Vibrating

Titramax 1000

Platform Shaker - Vibrating

Vibramax 100

Platform Shaker - Vibrating

Platform Shakers & Accessories - Packages

Titramax Package

Unimax Package


Incubator 1000

Your platform shaker has no space in your heating oven or incubator cabinet?


25 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

50 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

100 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

250 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

500 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

1000 ml Erlenmeyer attachment

Perforated platform 1000

Separatory funnel attachment

Frame with tension roller

Spare tension roller

Multi-story attachment 1000

Accessory for Unimax 1010

Separatory funnel clamp (250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml)

Separatory funnel clamp (2000 ml)

Clamp - Size 1 For 25-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 2 For 50-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 3 For 100-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 4 For 250-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 5 For 500-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 6 For 1000-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 7 For 2000-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Perforated platform 2000

Frame tension roller

Tension roller

Multi-tier attachment

Tension roller attachment

Spare tension roller

Perforated platform 100