Overhead shakers & Accessories


Overhead shakers & Accessories

Overhead shakers for small & large Volumina and accessories

Compact overhead shakers are suitable for various applications. Especially in paint and varnish technology, this tool offers the important prerequisite for properly distributing color pigments and thus achieving the desired, even result. In addition, the models for large volumes (Reax 20) are all equipped with a separate emergency switch, so that absolute safety is guaranteed even with heavy loads and high revolutions.
The Reax 2 overhead shaker is particularly popular in various areas of biochemistry. The somersault motion is excellent for extracting fine chemicals from cellular components.
All technical specifications and information about the devices can be found in the respective model category.


Reax 20 (2-32 rpm)

Overhead Shaker for up to 12 bottles

Reax 20 (1-16 rpm)

Overhead Shaker for up to 12 bottles


Tension plate for caps


Attachment for 0.5 l bottles

Attachment for 1 l bottles

Spare tension plate for caps


Adaptor for 20 test tubes