Hei-TORQUE Value 200

Overhead Stirrers

Hei-TORQUE Value 200

P/N: 501-62010-00

Basic model

The reliable solution for all standard applications that do not need documentation

These stirrers are ideal for standard stirring tasks. They are designed to mix and disperse media that require non-reproducible results in high-viscosity applications

  • Indication of torque tendencies to monitor viscosity changes
  • Digital 2.4” display for ease of operation
  • Constant speed even under changing loads
  • Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring
  • Newest motor generation for maximum power at minimum noise level

Range of Performance

200 Ncm

Performance graph of
Hei-TORQUE Value 200







Hei-TORQUE Value 200 - Product Advantages

The electronic stirrers feature individual setting of the start operation, which prevents spills and splashing media. The speed ramps up slowly until your set rpm has been reached

An optional shaft guard prevents accidents

Non-sparking motors for additional safety

Important for continuous operation: the motor will be switched off if a high thermal load situation occurs to increase safety in your lab and to prevent accidents

Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid accidental start-up

To protect your stirrer against corrosion and short-circuits, all models comply with the protection class IP 54

Setting a rotation speed limitation prevents splashing media

Unique Quick-Chuck for immediate and convenient “one-hand” impeller changing - without tools

Opening the safety ring blocks accidental operation

An audible signal confirms a tight fit of the impeller

No more misplacing and searching for the chuck key! Immediate and convenient ”one-hand“ impeller changing with the Quick-Chuck - without any tools

Newest motor generation for maximum power at minimum noise level below 50 dB

All stirrers maintain exact speed under changing loads

A through-shaft design allows for adjusting the impeller position to make height adjustments more convenient for you

Reduce your work time and achieve excellent mixing results in challenging high-viscosity media

A single grip allows you to re-adjust the height of your stirrer on the optional telescopic stand

The outstanding product design with intuitive touch-panel made of glass has been honored with the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD in 2016

Reduce your maintenance costs: the sealed housing protects your stirrer from aggressive fumes, liquids and vapors to prevent internal corrosion. This results in an increased lifespan of 10 years on average while reducing maintenance and repair cost

The high torque level accounts for better mixing results in less time to reduce your process time and working hours significantly

Maintenance-free motors reduce repairs and down times significantly to ensure years of continuous operation

The unique impeller technology for demanding applications that mixes gels and other similar media in shorter times which reduces process cost and working hours

The sealed panel made of glass increases the tightness of the entire housing

Hei-TORQUE Value 200 - Technical Data

Number of speed gears1
Rotation speed range10 – 2,000 rpm
Rotation speed indicatordigital
monochrom 2.4"
Speed controlelectronic
Max. torque200 Ncm
Torque indicatorsymbol
Overheat protectionautomatic cut-out
Viscosity max.100,000 mPa s
Stirring cap. (H2O), max.50 l
Throught-shaft design
Shaft diameter, max.10.5 mm
Counter/ Timer-
Analog / digital interface-
Power rating motor input120 W
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 54

Hei-TORQUE Value 200 - Accessories

BR 10 Cross-Blade Impeller

BR 11 Straight-Blade Impeller

BR 12 Pivoting-Blade Impeller

BR 13 Square-Blade Impeller

BR 14 Collapsible-Blade Impeller

HR 18 Half-Moon Impeller

PR 39 Pitched-Blade Impeller

PR 30 Pitched-Blade Impeller

PR 31 Ringed Propeller

PR 32 Ringed Propeller

PR 33 Ringed Propeller

TR 20 Radial-Flow Impeller

TR 21 Radial-Flow Impeller

AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller

VISCO JET® - 60 mm

VISCO JET® - 80 mm

VISCO JET® - 80 mm (POM)

VISCO JET® - 120 mm

VISCO JET® - 120 mm (POM)



Universal stand S2

Stand S2 XXL

Telescope stand

Flex coupling

Flexible shaft

Shaft guard

Shaft guard adapter set

Stirrer guide (NS 29/32 PTFE)

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