Hei-TORQUE Value 100

Overhead Stirrers

Range of Performance

100 Ncm

Performance graph of
Hei-TORQUE Value 100







Hei-TORQUE Value 100 - Technical Data

Number of speed gears1
Rotation speed range10 - 2,000 rpm
Rotation speed indicatordigital
monochrom 2.4"
Speed controlelectronic
Max. torque100 Ncm
Torque indicatorsymbol
Overheat protectionautomatic cut-out
Viscosity max.60,000 mPa s
Stirring cap. (H2O), max.50 l
Throught-shaft designyes
Shaft diameter, max.10.5 mm
Counter/ Timer-
Analog / digital interface-
Power rating motor input90 W
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 54

Hei-TORQUE Value 100 - AddOns

Stirring Tools

Large selection for the optimal configuration

Hei-TORQUE Value 100 - Accessories

Universal stand S2

Stand S2 XXL

Telescope stand

Flex coupling

Flexible shaft

Shaft guard

Shaft guard adapter set

Stirrer guide (NS 29/32 PTFE)

RS 232 cable (9-pole)

Hei-TORQUE Value 100 - Packages

Hei-TORQUE Silver Package



Brochure - Gentle but powerful Download
Hei-TORQUE at a glance Download
Configuration tool Heidolph stirring system Download
Hei-TORQUE-Certificate-for-continuous-operation.pdf Download
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The technical data do not match exactly due to the various developments in the meantime. Nevertheless, comparable devices are staggered as follows ...

The Hei-TORQUE Value models shows bars on the display, indicating changes in the torque or viscosity of the fluid.

The Hei-TORQUE Precision models show the actual torque in Ncm with one decimal place.

The numbering on the Hei-TORQUE models describes the respective torque of the overhead stirrer. For example ...

The tightening torque of the quick release chuck is individually adjustable ...

The Quick-Chuck is made of polyamide (PA) and thermally stable up to 115 ° C.