Overhead Stirrers

Range of Performance

40 Ncm

Performance graph of







Hei-TORQUE Core - Technical Data

Number of speed gears1
Rotation speed range20 - 2,000 rpm
Rotation speed indicatordigital
monochrom 2"
Speed controlelectronic
Max. torque40 Ncm
Torque indicatorsymbol
Overheat protectionautomatic cut-out
Viscosity max.10,000 mPa s
Stirring cap. (H2O), max.25 l
Throught-shaft design1
Shaft diameter, max.10.5 mm
Counter/ Timer1
Analog / digital interface-
Power rating motor input105 W
Protection class (EN 60529) IP 42

Hei-TORQUE Core - AddOns

Stirring Tools

Large selection for the optimal configuration

Hei-TORQUE Core - Accessories

Flex coupling

Flexible shaft

Shaft guard

Shaft guard adapter set

Stand S2 XXL

Telescope stand

Universal stand S2

Stirrer guide (NS 29/32 PTFE)

Beaker holder cpl. belt (incl. boss head)

Downloads & Video


Hei-TORQUE at a glance Download
Configuration tool Heidolph stirring system Download
Hei-TORQUE-Certificate-for-continuous-operation.pdf Download
CE-Ruhrwerke-Overhead-stirrer.pdf Download
GENTLE POWERHOUSES – Laboratory and Magnetic Stirrers Download
Operation Manual Hei-TORQUE Core Download



The technical data do not match exactly due to the various developments in the meantime. Nevertheless, comparable devices are staggered as follows ...

The tightening torque of the quick release chuck is individually adjustable ...

The Hei-TORQUE Expert models shows bars on the display, indicating changes in the torque or viscosity of the fluid.

The Hei-TORQUE Ultimate models show the actual torque in Ncm with one decimal place.

The numbering on the Hei-TORQUE models describes the respective torque of the overhead stirrer. For example ...

The Quick-Chuck is made of polyamide (PA) and thermally stable up to 115 ° C.