Multi-channel pump head C 8

Multi-Channel Pump Heads

Multi-channel pump head C 8

P/N: 524-40810-00

  • Accepts 8 cassettes medium or 4 cassettes large
  • 4-roller design


Multi-Channel Operation

  • Increase your throughput by running up to 8 cassettes medium or 4 cassettes large on one single pump drive and pump head system
  • Separate metering into multiple vessels with different feed rates in a single operation by using different tubing dimensions to adjust flow rate
  • Save time: tubing change is done in just seconds
  • Change your cassettes easily, even during operation – there are no restrictions
  • Cassette adjustments and changes are simple, just click in place
  • No additional purchase of a pump drive needed: upgrade your single-channel pump drive with just one adaptor for multi-channel use and pick the head/cassette configuration that matches your application needs

These pump drives can be configured for multi-channel use: 

Multi-channel pump head C 8 - Accessories


Platinum-coated silicone hose for use in pharmaceuticals and biology. Available for single-channel and multi-channel pump heads.


Excellent acid resistance at high temperatures


Ideal for medical, lab and research uses

Tygon® for Hydrocarbons

Especially for hydrocarbons, mineral oil products and distillates

Tygon® for food

For food industry, well suited to products with high fat content

Tygon® standard

For standard applications



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