AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller


AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller

P/N: 509-19000-10

Anchor-Type Impeller

  • These impellers are recommended for applications which require a low speed
  • For mixing tasks with medium or high viscosity




Selection parameters

Precise working with an overhead stirrer depends on the right choice of the stirrer tool. When choosing a stirrer tool you have to consider its different characteristics and their effects. For example, the flow which the tool causes in the medium, the tool´s adequate field of application depending on the speed range, and the execution of the tool according to the viscosity it is destined for

Application examples:
  • Gassing of liquids < 500 mPa s: Radial Flow Impeller
  • Homogenizing and suspending in liquids < 500 mPa s: Propeller-Type or Blade Impeller
  • Medium with a viscosity > 500 mPa s: Anchor-Type Impeller, Blade Impeller BR 13, VISCO JET®
  • Stirring of gel: VISCO JET®

Please ensure that for radial flow, blade, half-moon and VISCO JET® impellers the beaker size and position of your impeller complies with the shown guideline to achieve superior mixing results

Operational guidelines

Position of the stirring tool

  • In center
  • Distance to the bottom (h3/d2): 0.3
  • Diameter vessel (h1/d1)=1
  • VISCO JET® diameter ratio (d2/d1): 0.4 - 0.6

Circumferential speed

  • 3 - 15 m/sec: Radial Flow Impeller
  • 2 - 5 m/sec: VISCO JET®, Blade and Anchor-Type Impeller




AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller - Technical Data

Blade size60 x 40 x 5 mm
Length 350 mm
Shaft diameter8 mm
Max. rotation speed800 rpm