Findenser™ Mini NS24 Cone, NS24 Socket


Findenser™ Mini NS24 Cone, NS24 Socket - Technical Data

Length x Diameter275 mm x 72 mm
Cone / Joint SizeB24
Max. Solvent Load / Volume125 ml of solvent in a 250 ml flask
Weight 670 g
Inner or wetted partsBorosilicate glass
Finned jacketAnodised aluminium
Plug & SealAcetal & HT Silicone
Max. solvent bpt155 °C
Oven dryingMax. Temp. 60 °C
DishwasherMax. Temp. 50 °C
AutoclavingDo Not Autoclave
Ambient temperature range (operation)0 °C to 24 °C

Findenser™ Mini NS24 Cone, NS24 Socket - Accessories

Findenser™ attachment kit



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It depends on how you are intending to use vacuum ...

Since most hemispherical heating mantles do not allow precise temperature control, their use is not recommended.

Findenser is resistant to the majority of solvents and splash-resistant to dilute acids and alkalis at room temperature ...

B joints are standard joint sizes in many countries. B joints are also sometimes referred to as ‘NS’ joints instead, so e.g. B29 (B29/32) is the same as NS 29/32, and B24 (B24/29) is the same as NS 24/29 ...

More important than the factor room temperature is the fact that the Findenser is used in the fume hood. The regular air exchange ensures that heat is dissipated to the required extent.

The calculated surface area of the Findenser Standard is 0.45 m² while the Findenser Mini offers a calculated surface area of 0.22 m².

The fins are very sturdy and can only be bent with great effort. However, bent fins do not have a negative effect on the air condenser’s performance.

No, the fins are rounded and not sharp-edged. There is no risk of injury.

It cannot be assumed with certainty that the design would still be stable enough. For the majority of applications, an adapted temperature control (10 - 15 °C above boiling point) is perfectly adequate.

A flow of inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) through the flask will encourage evaporation and may reduce performance of the Findenser ...