Distimatic Workstation

Distimatic Bench-top Packages

Distimatic Workstation

P/N: 576-80915-00

Complete package with vacuum pump, chiller additional accesories but without drainage of residue


  • Distimatic Bench-top without automatic drainage of residue
  • Hei-VAP Ultimate Control Rotary Evaporator with motor lift and coated, vertical glassware set G9B XL
  • Chiller Hei-CHILL 1200
  • Thermal fluid  Kryo 30 (20 l)
  • RS 232 Cable
  • Vacuum pump Rotavac Vario Control
  • Condenser for Rotavac Vario
  • Tube Set
  • Heating bath liquid 5l
  • 5l Evaporation flask

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