Born to rock your lab


What a real rocker is made of

The extremely robust Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+ magnetic stirrer does one essential thing: It endures - like a full-blooded rocker on stage. Designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in a laboratory - Made for Hardcore Science!


Never too old to rock!

Not wanting the nights to end: An average service life of well over 10 years makes our magnetic stirrers indestructible rock stars.


Turning up!

Heating up for real: Thanks to 800 watts of heating power, you can reach the set temperature quickly and precisely.


Finish 20 liters at a time?

No problem for him: Thanks to the strong magnet mix up to 20 liters at once.

Never going to sleep

Keeps on rocking for days without stopping - tested and qualified for continuous operation


For the hard stuff!

Tries everything and participates in everything: The chemical-resistant coating and optional silicone cover protect against corrosion.


All-Access Pass

A direct access without obstacles: Instantly set and change heating function and rotational speed thanks to separate control knobs.


From hard to soft rock

FAST/PRECISE mode gives you the choice of fast heating or slow approach to the target temperature.


With special effects

See what's going on even from the back rows thanks to LED rings, illuminated activity control buttons, and tilted display.


Alcohol shower? Of course!

It easily copes with this: IP 42 makes it resistant to overflowing ethanol and other solvents.


Don't panic, security is on guard!

Hands off, hot! The optical residual heat indicator signals temperatures above 50 °C.





Oldies but Goldies!

Hall of Fame - this is what makes the series stand out

Of course, the Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+ also has our proven and popular all-time classics in its repertoire:



The patented Kera-Disk® mounting surface made of anodized aluminum is resistant to chemicals and scratches. It is therefore easy to clean and dirt can be removed easily. The fastest heating times are also guaranteed.



Fireproof housing

The housing is made of powder-coated die-cast aluminum. This prevents damage to the unit even at the highest temperatures. The chemical-resistant coating reliably prevents corrosion. The IP 42 protection class protects the interior from penetrating liquids and foreign particles.



800-watt heating power

The high heating power of 800 watts enables significantly faster heating times compared to magnetic stirrers with 600 watts. This leads to remarkably shorter process times.



Digital display

Thanks to the inclination and illumination of the display, all parameters can be read comfortably even from a greater distance.



Optical residual heat indicator

At temperatures above 50 °C, a flashing LED ring and the indication of the hotplate temperature warn of potential burns.



Connection for Pt1000 temperature sensor

In combination with the optional external Pt1000 temperature sensor, precise values are obtained without temperature deviations.




Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+

For high demands with temperature sensor

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The right outfit for every stage


Hei-PLATE Sensor Advanced Package Core+

Supplemented by the external Pt1000 temperature sensor with support, the Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+ delivers absolute precision: fast and accurate heating without overshooting. For performances where it gets wet from above, it is equipped with a rain poncho: The silicone hood provides additional protection against dirt and overflowing liquids.


Hei-PLATE Reflux Package Core+

Reflux reactions really need to get going and the molecules have to rock? And all this safely and sustainably? Equipped with the Heat-On attachment for 2-liter flasks, Pt1000 temperature sensor, and the air-cooled reflux condenser FindenserTM, the Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+ performs like a rock star with a sense of responsibility!


To the packages




Other band members

In addition to the Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core+, our other magnetic stirrers also rock a stage performance. Shows without heating function are handled by the gentle Hei-MIX S on a small scale and the powerful Hei-MIX 20 L on a large scale. It's only Mix 'n' Heat but you like it? The Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core with control knobs and scales really heats every reaction mix! Thanks to its timer function and RS 232 interface, the Hei-Connect is also a convincing networker with time management.


Hei-Mix S

For gentle stirring in biology and microbiology applications - without heating function

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Hei-PLATE Mix 20 l

For all stirring tasks without heating


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Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Core

Simply stir and heat


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